Saturday, May 17, 2008

Small Group Ideas--Keith Drury's COMMON GROUND

Here in this blog are ideas for leading a small group or Sunday school class study of Keith Drury's book Common Ground.

They are also available as a single file here.


Pastor Al said...

Greetings Keith Drury:

We just received 12 copies of "Common Ground" for our Sunday school class. We completed "There Is No i In Church" last week. Really wish you would have started a blog for the no 'i' book. (It is never too late.)

However...I see this as a novel way to unwrap our great Christian truths/traditions with the author. I am mesmerized by the front cover of Common Ground vs. the generic look of the latter. Also noted that Amazon is already sold out. I purchased ours through our friends at WHP...keeping it in the family.

Thanks for taking the journey with us. I pray we find common ground.

Keith Drury said...

Thanks Pastor Al... I hope the book does the trick! Thanks for posting. --keith

Pastor Al said...

Greetings Keith Drury:

We have 12 more copies of Common Ground on the way!

Looks like there are several versions of the Apostle's Creed. Can you tell me the exact source of the creed used on page 21? Can you give us some insight on these variations?

Your right! The opening quotes have been good 'ice breakers' for opening momentum. We also read both Creeds to start Chapter One.

We read Genesis One (each person reading a verse) before our discussion on Creation for Chapter Two. I closed the class reading the verses of "This Is My Father's World," Maltbie D. Babcock.

Our class is mostly of the Boomer age with a few Gen-X. Hopefully, we will make bloggers out of them. I have this blog linked for all our group to read.