Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Chapter 8—The Holy Spirit

Chapter 8—The Holy Spirit

1. What do you see as the trouble with Kurt’s view in the opening quote?

2. What makes people nervous about too much talk about the Holy Spirit?

3. Can you explain what the “Jesus only” folk believe about the Trinity?

4. Is all three members of the Trinity are God then is it OK to pray to Jesus or the Holy Spirit just like we pray to the father? How can one pray using a full Trinitarian approach?

5. List a dozen worship song used most often in your church organizing them into four categories.., worship of the Father, the on, the Holy Spirit and all three.

6. Take considerable time for this next item: List on the board the “office work” of the Holy Spirit then invite people to give a personal testimony of how the Spirit worked in their lives on one or another of these items. Let this be a spiritually refreshing “testimony meeting” more than a cerebral discussion of ideas. Use this time as a means of glorifying the God the Holy Spirit and praising God for His work through the Spirit.

7. Have the group read the “What about us” ending to this chapter to themselves as a closing meditation, or have someone prepared to read it aloud for the group. Consider closing by having someone read the prayer at the end for the group, or praying their own prayer based on the response we have to this part of Christian beliefs.

I invite you to post your own ideas on this chapter by adding a comment to this post to help other leaders. -- Keith Drury

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